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Where Life is Found

Where Life is Found

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Discover a place where everyone is welcome and everyone belongs.

Tucked into a little-traveled corner of southwest Missouri is a Christian summer camp that has offered a safe, accessible environment for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses since 1994. Over the past thirty years, Camp Barnabas has provided encouragement, purpose, community, and a new way of life for more than 90,000 people. From Campers to parents, Staff to volunteers, nearly every person who has come through Camp Barnabas’s gates has a story to tell about how this place changed their lives.

Where Life Is Found shares just a few of those stories, including:

  • the conversation with one young girl that inspired Paul and Cyndy Teas to start Camp Barnabas
  • the countless ways God provided the people, the faith, and the funding to keep the ministry going in the early days
  • the unexpected blessings that came with Camp being featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  • the decision to expand the mission through Barnabas Prep, a collegiate program for young adults with disabilities
  • and a handful of the many miracles, perspective shifts, and life-changing moments that happen at Camp each year.

Through heartwarming stories from those who have experienced Camp firsthand, this collective memoir provides a glimpse into the rich history of one small camp and the abundant love of a God who welcomes us all.

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